[Video] Muscle Enhancement, Skin, Dementia Recovery Mrs. Kim Age 84

Story of Mrs. Kim

"Good for those who are already taking TeloYouth, but I'm here to talk to those who think that this is no different from other products compared to the amount of money invested. I would like to tell you about the recovery that my mother experienced after taking TeloYouth for 10 months.

She started taking it July 17 of last year. Before taking it, both my father and mother could not move on their own. So most of their time was in their beds while I collected their bowel movements, and on June 3, my father passed away. My mother was severely ill with insomnia, dementia, Bell's palsy (facial paralysis), and her hands and feet trembled to the point that she could not attend her husband's funeral.

I gifted her TeloYouth as a last gift thinking she will pass away in the near future. After about 3 months, she recovered a little bit felt pain all over and refused to take it by questioning her intake in any type of medicine when she is going to die soon. I convinced her that it's a retracing period and it's a normal process for TeloYouth. She then continued to take it for about 6 more months and now she's able to use her walker to go to the bathroom on her own and even eat meals on her own at our dining table.

She was fully recovered from Bell's palsy as well. I had to show my family members picture proof that she had facial paralysis before.

When I visited my mother's house last Saturday for her birthday, the caregiver asked me to touch her calf. She was not in any state to do any type of physical activity or sports, but her calf was as muscular as a young lady's. The caregiver also stated that the product she is taking must be a really good one because her wrinkles have stretched/flattened out too.

I also feel that there were changes within the body as much it did on the outside.

My mother reduced the number of pills she was taking because she wanted me to save money, and as a result of that, her energy level dropped to the point that she fell severely to the ground and wounded herself.

She has recovered from dementia and enjoys reading the bible from time to time.

She still does struggle a little bit to fall asleep, but she is consistently taking TeloYouth in hopes to be insomnia-free.

There's a process for everything, and I hope for a good result for everyone.

Stay healthy and do not feel discouraged.

Don't forget that TeloYouth is doing work in our bodies as God is doing His work for all of us.

Trust it!"

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