Vision, Healthier Hair, Black Tongue from Reflux Esophagitis, Foot Keratin

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Story of Soon K.

"My son and I started taking TeloYouth since July 17th. My son had sequelae of brain tumor surgery at the time and was losing eyesight. For the first few months, because of temporary deterioration before recovery, he felt sudden weakness on his legs and fell down several times. So there were times he wanted to stop taking TeloYouth. However, he decided to continue taking TeloYouth for a little longer, and later on, good things started to happen. During the 4th month of taking TeloYouth, all of sudden he couldn't see as if his eyes were struck by bright lightning. After a while, he opened his eyes and found out that his eyesight was cleared from the fogginess. He was very happy.

For me, I was going through hard times because I was losing hair (detox through my hair skin) when I started taking TeloYouth which I thought I was going to be bald. However, from the 4th month, my hair became thicker and had more hair than before."

"Due to reflux esophagitis, the heat from acid turned my tongue black. I am not fully recovered from reflux esophagitis yet but as you can see my tongue color came back to normal."

"Also I had terrible foot keratin but it's getting much better. Overall, I realized I cannot expect to miraculously become healthy at once in a short time but when I trust the product and be sincere in taking it regularly, my damaged cells over the aging will be recovered and I can be healthy again."

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