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Detox Experience, 4 years after Chemotherapy

Updated: Feb 2

"In October 2017, I started TeloYouth’s rejuvenation program. I began with 8 and 8 capsules daily for about 6 months, and then increased the amount to 10 and 10 and 10 per day to test what the product would do. On the 4th day after increasing the amount, I broke out with a red rash on my leg. I was surprised to find out the increased amount triggered a deeper level of detoxification and started to push out toxins built up from the chemotherapy I had 4 years ago. It got itchy, so I decreased it to quantity 6 and 6 capsules per day but continued to take the TeloYouth. After 3-4 weeks of intense detox, I have experienced much lighter and healthier skin on my leg, and my energy level is much higher than before."

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