Chronic Skin Issues Have Dramatic Improvements Using TeloYouth and Surrean in 16 days: Caleb, Age 11

"Hello, my son is 11 years old, and he has always had skin issues, especially on his legs and hands. When he was younger, we usually went to a beach during the summer, and when he swam in the ocean, his skin would clear up for a while. During the winter, the pediatrician told me to apply Cortizone for him when the rash came out. But Cortizone only worked for a few days, and the rash came back again and again. And his skin was always dry and itchy.

I am a working mom, and I have been busy recently, so I didn't check my son's skin. We didn't go to the beach last year during the summer because of the covid. A month ago, I held his hands, and they were red, dry, and thick like I am touching a tree bark. I was so frustrated, and I applied Cortizone for 3 days on his hands which didn't change anything. So I gave him 2 TeloYouth capsules in the morning and 2 in the evening. I also put 3 pumps of Surrean on his hands every morning and evening.

It has been about 16 days, and the bark-like layer has disappeared, and his hands have become much softer. I am so glad that I chose to use TeloYouth and Surrean for him instead of Cortizone. Thank you so much!"

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